Engraved Glass Prism - Laurence Whistler

This steps outside of the 'stained/painted glass' remit; it is so exquisite, however, I must include it. In the Morning Chapel at Salisbury Cathedral, I spent some quiet time just looking at it - as it slowing turns, the scene changes.
There is other engraved glass by Laurence Whistler in the cathedral which I won't include here, as photographing clear glass rarely does it justice.

Laurence Whistler - master of engraved glass

Prisoner of Conscience - Salisbury Cathedral

Prisoner of Conscience Window
There is much to choose from in the beautiful and historic Salisbury Cathedral - medieval, Victorian or 20th century. I have chosen the East Window which was designed by Gabriel Loire in 1980 in the Loire Studio, Chartre. Light brings this window to life.
Gabriel Loire: April 21 1904-Dec 25 1996

Iffley Church, Oxford

Nativity Window - designed by John Piper (1903-1992)
Iffley Church, Oxford
Today I walked along the Thames towpath in Oxford to visit the beautiful Norman church of St Mary's in Iffley and to see for myself this lovely stained glass window.
John Piper excelled in designing stained glass despite only discovering the medium half way through his career as a renowned artist.