May morning light

I am including this window from the church at Longbridge Deverill because I loved the way the sunlight fell through it. Outside it was a perfect May Day morning; the narrow footpath down to the church had wildflowers and grasses bordering each side; the river Wylie could be glimpsed through the new-leafed trees; and the birds were singing. Somehow the light through this window tells of the warm, peaceful day outside.

The Glastonbury Story - Longbridge Deverill

A detail from the Glastonbury window in the peaceful church at Longbridge Deverill in Somerset - showing Joseph of Arimathea setting sail for England and planting the famous thorn staff on 'Weary-all-Hill' where the first church was built in Glastonbury.
A comparatively modern Rennaissance style window in the north aisle in the church at Longbridge Deverill representing the story of Glastonbury. In the centre light is Joesph of Arimathea who was (according to tradition) said to have brought Christianity to the west of England.
A detail from a beautiful gold and red window in the church at Longbridge Deverill