Star windows at the old municipal baths

I first spotted this lovely little window from the street. When I finally gained access to the Health Hydro I tracked it down to a room which is now a lavatory - this secular little window in a public building has pride of place on this blog.

One of the lovely circular star windows at the old municipal baths, now the Health Hydro. Built in the 19th century primarily for the residents of the Railway Village in Swindon.

Christchurch, Swindon

Detail from the Nativity Window in Christchurch - the shepherds

The above window was made and donated to Christchurch in 1987 by stained glass artist John Hayward to replace a window that had been vandalised.

The two windows depicted above and below were donated in 1922 in memory of Fitzroy Pleydell Goddard who was part of the Goddard Family the long standing Lords of the Manor in old Swindon. The window below is particularly interesting as the upper part of the window portrays a country landscape. The lower part includes two sets of Coats of Arms one which has a golden stag and the other a pair of ravens.

Abraham van Linge at Lydiard Tregoze

17th century Dutch stained glass artist Abraham van Linge has created two beautiful though very different windows at Lydiard House and in the small St Mary's Church at Lydiard Tregoze (the church was built in the grounds of the house and had its own private access from the the house). Abraham van Lingue had a signature that appeared in all his work, a small sailing boat with an unfurled sail, see just below the leaves of the tree in the detail on the left.

This magnificent stained glass window appears over the main alter in St Mary's Church at Lydiard Tregoze.

The sailing boat signature of Abraham van Linge
- a detail from the painted window in Lydiard House

Details from the beautiful painted window

Abraham van Linge's intricate and beautiful painted window at Lydiard House

Lydiard Millicent Church

Details from the larger window shown below

The stained glass window in All Saints Church, Lydiard Millicent illustrating the glory of Nature - flowers, trees, birds, sun, stars and moon.

Bishopstone Church window

This beautiful window in the small parish church at Bishopstone was spotted in the summer of this year while I was out walking part of the Ridgeway. The window shows the Wiltshire Downs and includes Silbury Hill. (Artist unknown - as yet)